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Apartment for rent – The Manor – Experience luxury life in Ho Chi Minh City

Are you a foreigner living and working in HCM City? Are you looking to rent an apartment in the city center for reasonable price? You want to enjoy modern and high-class inside and outside space, don’t you? Do you love classic French architecture combined with modern style? Therefore The Manor Apartment is for you. Let discover together!

About The Manor Apartment For Rent

  • Project name: The Manor Apartment
  • Address: 91 Nguyen Huu Canh, Ward 22, Binh Thanh Distric, HCM City
  • Invester: Bitexco Company
  • Number of apartments: 1066 apartments
  • Area: 76,567,56 m2
  • Construction progress: Consist of 2 stages (stage 1 – 426 apartments ) (stage 2 – 623 apartments)
  • Total investment: $2 billion USD

The Manor Binh Thanh is one of its most prestige properties, with more than 1000 apartments featuring state-of-the-art interior, modern services, and sweeping views of the bustling Saigon. It includes accommodations, offices, cool brands, great restaurants, pools, and parks into one single complex in the heart of the buzzy Binh Thanh district.

The Manor’s got one of the best addresses in this megacity, located mere steps from Saigon River and within a short driving distance of the city center; the manor Ho Chi Minh is worth renting or purchasing for the location alone. And best of all, tenants are delightful and services are plentiful.

External facility

The Manor Binh Thanh apartment for rent is located on the important traffic road, Nguyen Huu Canh, residents are very convenient to travel in the city and to nearby cities.

The Manor Binh Thanh apartment for rent is very close to important areas of HCM City, such as: District 1, District 2, District 4, District 7 and Thu Thiem urban area. This area has a very good infrastructure, not flooded or traffic jam.

 The Manor Binh Thanh Apartmen for rent is located in luxury area, next to some apartments such as: Sai Gon Pearl and SSG Tower, opposite to the project under construction – Vinhomes Central Park and also has a view overlooking to Sai Gon River and the new Thu Thiem urban area

In addition, the Manor Binh Thanh Apartment is nearby hospitals, schools, supermarkets and large corporations, very convenient for the work of people, who living here. 

Location of the Manor Apartment for rent

From The Manor Apartment for rent, you can go everywhere in the city easily.

Approximately 5 minutes from the center of District 1

Far away form Tan San Nhat international airport around 20 minutes

Easy to go to Export Processing Zone in Dong Nai, Binh Duong province

Internal facility

The Manor apartment is one of the best luxurious apartments in Ho Chi Minh City by Bitexco as the investor. The project has total investment of approximately $2 billion USD, including: 1066 low-rise apartments, 8 high-rise buildings. The complex system is including schools, restaurants and shopping center.

The Manor apartment is designed by leading architects of Vietnam and foreign. The project has more than 1000 apartments with classic French style, with the swimming pool system and green park, create a space airy, beautiful in the center of city.

In addition, the investor has invested a lot of money for the precinct of  The Manor apartment. In this project, the apartment building density is quite low, the architect has reserved a large land for the construction of green system, creating ecological environment for people.

The Manor Binh Thanh Apartment for rent is not only a luxury apartment building, but also a place for relax and enjoy life after a long working day. The Manor apartment has a 24/7 security system with professional guards and modern camera system.

Security guards and staffs are trained professionally, they regularly monitor and manage security system for these buildings. In particular, The Manor Binh Thanh has invested a lot money for fire systems, ensuring the safety of people.

Design of The Manor Binh Thanh Apartment

The Manor Binh Thanh Apartment is designed in classic French style, comfortable, luxurious and cozy. The main colors used in the apartment are: white, nude, light blue with the retro style motifs.

The architects took advantage of the maximum space in the apartment to create an open space and you can feel this clearly while living here.

You can choose one of the apartments:

One bed room apartment (36-50m2)

These one-bed apartments solve the small families’ dilemma and eliminate the need for an extra room for your little ones without much sacrifice in privacy. But that’s not to say that they are out of bound for bachelors who love a more spacious living space.

 As with other types of apartments in the Manor Binh Thanh, a large window is a highlight, serving as a further hint to promote the prime location of the complex. This is the sort of place where you can spend time by the double-width window, looking onto lives go by and are mesmerized by the panorama view of the busy city at dawn or dusk.

Once bed room apartment has many highlights advantages such are:

High ceiling

Space is compact and comfortable, suitable for 2 people.

Cheap rental price, comfortable interior design.

Two bedrooms apartment (90m2)

These bright apartments manage to fit two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large kitchen, and a spacious living room into a 78 square-meter space without feeling cramped, a big thank to their open plan.

This concept has risen in popularity in recent years so there is no reason why the Manor, as one of the most luxurious properties in the country, doesn’t keep up with the trend to provide its tenants some more space to boost the warmth of family time.

This smart choice of design also enables the family to create their flow of decoration throughout the house. Once bed room apartment has many highlights advantages such are:

High ceiling

Airy space and comfortable.

Suitable for couples

Has mezzanine and balcony.

Three bedrooms apartment (125m2)

The manor apartments with three bedrooms marry the warm-toned wooden furniture with some luxurious stone touch. If you have several generations under one roof, these apartments solve a lot of potential sticking points.

Their extra bedrooms ensure each generation can have their own space with peace and quiet when they need it, at the same time, keep the sense of bonding as all family’s members are mere steps away from each other.

With the design’s unparalleled attention to detail, everyone is assured of suitable entertainment located just a stone’s throw away from where they live. We can mention about many highlight advantages such are:

High ceiling

Luxurious living room

Large mezzanine, can meet a variety of different purpose.

Penthouse The Manor

The area of  Penthouse The Manor is from 190-270m2, rental price is from $2000-4000 USD per month. Price is from $2000- 3000 USD / m2. Located in the highest position of the project, Penthouse The Manor has large are with luxurious design, the target potential customers are upper classes of society.

You can see the whole of Ho Chi Minh City with the beautiful Sai Gon River. There is nothing more wonderful when watching the sunset on the Sai Gon River with your loved ones. What a wonderful landscape.

The Manor department for rent, with its high- rise buildings and towers, was built to form a gorgeous mansion with apartments on the upper side, while the whole area of the ground floor will be the restaurants, beauty salons and fashion stores with many diverse items

Especially, there are beautiful pools with green lawns and lush gardens, providing a natural environment close to the residents.

Located next to the The Garden shopping center is The Officetel, an apartment complex combined with offices and commercial trading center serving the administrative work.

The Officetel staffs will help you to contact, receive phone calls, correspondence, faxes, and on-demand reports even when you leave the office. When needed, our staff can assist you with photo, typing and secretarial services, so you do not need to hire more staff for the support of The Trading Center at The Officetel.

With high-end design, professional services and a community of highly educated people, The Manor Apartment Binh Thanh for rent is an excellent suggestion for those foreigners who living and working in Ho Chi Minh City.

With many highlight advantages, cheap rent, the Manor Apartment Binh Thanh for rent brings you comfortable, modern, luxury life in Ho Chi Minh city. You feel satisfied when you choose it. We believe that, you will never regret about your decision.

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